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Because ketamine is typically present as a white powder or clear liquid, it can be difficult to tell if a substance is ketamine without having it tested. Any white power, vial of liquid, or pill that is not clearly labeled and in its original packaging may be ketamine or another street drug.

Ketamine Storage & Paraphernalia

There are several different ways that ketamine may be stored, depending upon the form it is in and how it will be used. Some of the ways used to store ketamine may include:

  • Glass vials, either as a liquid or a powder
  • Capsules, especially not in a pill container or in a pill container that has a different pill than the picture on the label
  • Small plastic bags as a powder
  • Folded paper or foil

One of the signs your teenager is doing drugs may also include paraphernalia. If they are snorting ketamine, this could include straws that do not appear intended for use in drinks, rolled up dollar bills or other similar items. Empty capsules could be a sign that your teenager is going to fill them with ketamine. Syringes, vials, needles or tourniquets may indicate that your teen is intending to inject ketamine or another drug. Empty plastic bags or folded foil, or anything with a white powder residue may also indicate that ketamine has been stored or used.

If you suspect your teen is using ketamine, then you should seek professional help for them as soon as possible. Next Generation Village has a strong record of helping teens with drug addictions to achieve and maintain sobriety. Reach out to one of our understanding team members to learn how your teen can start on their path to recovery today.

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